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AT Motocross

March, 2016

When AT Motocross first got intouch with us they had some success selling on eBay and had a physical shop and workshop. They wanted to make the leap to have their own website, they were slightly scepitcal at first as they had tried a few years ago without any luck due to the large volumes of products they sell. Circa 4,000. As we specialise in e-commerce sites, this was not an issue for us.

WEBSITE & Marketing

Ash at AT Motocross was looking for someone to not only build and manage a website but also to do the month to month marketing for him also. First of all we mapped out the categories for the site, with 4,000 products this wasn't an easy task. We then produced a mock up to be signed off of what the homepage and product page would look like. Once that was done we set about building the site and then the time consuming task of product uploading. The finished article is a great looking and easy to use site, much better than the long established competition we are hoping to catch up with.
Uniq Creative is managing Google Adwords, Facebook ads and re-targeting, SEO and Email Marketing for AT Motocross. Which started producing sales from the first week of the site launch.

You can take a look at their new website here: AT Motocross