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ITS Cycling

Feb - May, 2015

ITS Cycling is a company with a number of outlets, Inner Tube Shop is dedicated to selling inner tubes to cycling enthusiasts at low prices, Uniq Creative have helped them develop a new website and a custom eBay shop. As well providing some general consultancy for the other ITS Cycling brands.


With the website being a little out dated, Pete and Tom thought it was time for a refresh. One of the things we have become experts in, is building high conversion rate shopify based websites. Shopify has a great back end for clients to work with on a day to day basis, with reports on traffic, traffic sources and sales. They needed some custom javascript made for a tube selector, which acts a funnel for potential customers to find the tubes they are looking for. This is a mobile, tablet and desktop friendly website, inline with Googles lastest updates. The site is converting at a little over 4%, which is fantastic.


ITS cycling where already selling through their website and on Amazon. They were keen to open up another source of revenue, so we started discussing the possiblity of an eBay shop. This is something we have done for other clients, so we built an eBay shop to replicate the website at the time. Using seo like tips for eBay we managed to produce good results for people searching innertubes. Over the past 3 months they have generated an extra 300 sales through eBay. To manage the different channels ITS are using Brightpearl. Syncing the website, amazon and ebay sales through Brightpearl allows the inventory to be managed effectively.